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SPYTRAC TELEMATICS SERVICES LIMITED has since inception been deploying remote and mobile telematics solution to automobile owners and resellers, fleet managers, leasing companies and special asset owners, enabling monitoring, security and control of asset and persons.
We assist asset owners by providing a user-friendly online application for monitoring their asset remotely from the comfort of their office or home or on the run, thereby eliminating theft, agent of asset mismanagement and operational income fraud etc
We ensure accurate use of company’s asset and account for this use in terms of; asset operational hours report, operational fuel consumption information report, real time location of asset, asset trip history, driver behavior management, asset usage control, maintenance management and reminders.
At Syptrac the security of your asset and its usability is of great importance to us, that is why we deploy the best business module to meet our client’s needs at all time. For every project, we deploy our best expertise internationally and locally in order to meet your precise requirements.
These choices are a reflection of our core values, which is “excellent service delivery”.

  • Our Mission - We provide world-class integrated security solutions for our clients by building on our core values of innovation and excellent delivery.
  • Our Purpose- To ensure peace of mind to our clients
  • Our Vision - To Make The World A Secured Place