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To connect both humans and machine for the sole purpose of providing peace of mind to our customers through the solutions we provide



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We are a Tech based telematics organization with over a decade of experience in the industry from leading telematics organization with a sole purpose of giving value to its customers while making telematics services available to every Nigeria that needs it.

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Mobile Tracking Solution

Our Mobile Tracking Solution will help put your mind at rest and make tracking mobile phones and personal tracking easy.

Safety & Security Solution

A-class IT services with an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Full-spectrum IT services based on latest IT trends and technological solutions.

Emergency Response Solution

Emergency Response Solution provides you auto emergency aid, medical ambulance dispatch aid and more

e-Commerce Solution

e-Commerce Solution provides you with mind blowing security gadgets and items for every situation and condition.

Fleet Management Solution

Worry no more about the activities and location of your fleet, we have made tracking and monitoring easy with our Fleet Management Solution

Customer Care Solution

Customer Care Solution are up 24/7 to attend to your every need, we are always willing and ready to assist you.

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Our enterprise clients come to us with legacy infrastructure, outdated ways of working. It is time to reshape your operations, adopt new technologies and scale-up automation to free up your greatest asset.

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