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Heavy Equipment Management
Hello! we are SPYTRAC
Experts in HeavyEquipment Management!

Understanding all aspects of your operations from multiple asset types, high consumption of energy, complex infrastructures, are only part of the challenges this type of companies are facing. To safe guard against operational loses, our comprehensive remote performance monitoring solutions is a must have for heavy equipment operators.


  • Real Time Monitoring
     Trip History & Report
     Vehicle Idling Alarm
     Restrict driving hours (Prohibitive Driving – Driving Hours Abuse)
     Geo-fencing (Limit Vehicle Movement within Specified Regions)
  • Fuel Monitoring and Management
     Fuel Amount (In Litres)
     Fuel Consumption Report
     Fuel Refill Alerts and Report
     Fuel Theft Detection
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring and Management
     Breath Analyser (Excess Alcohol Detection)
  • Maintenance Monitoring and Alert
     Maintenance Log Module
     Maintenance Setup and Reminders
  • Security
     Driver Identification
     Engine Shutdown

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