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Fleet Management
Hello! we are SPYTRAC
Experts in FleetManagement!

Our comprehensive fleet management package assists fleet managers in achieving greater productivity through our high-end fleet management and security solutions available for a variety of industries that minimizes risks associated with vehicle investment and improve the efficiency and productivity of your fleet, while reducing your cost.


  • Real Time Monitoring
     Trip History & Report
     Vehicle Idling Alarm
     Restrict driving hours (Prohibitive Driving – Driving Hours Abuse)
     Geo-fencing (Limit Vehicle Movement within Specified Regions)
  • Fuel Monitoring and Management
     Fuel Amount (In Litres)
     Fuel Consumption Report
     Fuel Refill Alerts and Report
     Fuel Theft Detection
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring and Management
     Harsh Breaking, Acceleration and Harsh Cornering Alert
     Over speeding Prevention
     Driver Behaviour Analysis Report
  • Maintenance Monitoring and Alert
     Maintenance Log Module
     Maintenance Setup and Reminders
  • Security
     Driver Identification
     Engine Shutdown
     Theft Vehicle Recovery

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